Combating mediocrity in the modern world…

Elsewhere on the Internet

Yes, I have a history. You can find some of my previous exploits here.

Landscape Juice Network Blog & Profile: I used to write a few gardening blogs a while ago when I was running my own gardening business. This is the link to my page…

These are links to some of my MA essays. I’m amazed the links are even still working, but they appear to still active. At some point I’ll make an effort to revise them (or at least archive them before they’re lost… Oh my vanity!) as they’re long out of date and could do with a fresh eye.

Goth Subculture and Cultural Theory Blimey, I didn’t even know this page still lived. That’s a long, long time ago (circa 2000 maybe?)

Neo-paganism & the Culture Industry Can’t even remember what this one’s about I’m afraid. Can’t be very good….

God is a DJ: The nightclub as a sacred space Clumsy MA essay which was the basis for my final year peer review presentation (done with a hangover, I might add!)

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