Combating mediocrity in the modern world…


I used to run my own gardening business a few years ago, but had to close it down when I moved from Yorkshire to the London / Surrey border. I’m still a keen gardener, but I’m concentrating on my own garden now, instead of other peoples’ gardens! I used to blog at Landscape Juice Network but I’m forging my own blog now, so look to this site for more up-to-date material. You can still find some useful information on my Landscape Juice Network page and the network is an interesting place to go if you’re starting out in the business. I find it a bit too busy now and it’s more difficult to follow threads than it used to be. Maybe that’s just my attention span dropping with age and all the other social media that I’m using! Anyway, you can find links to my new gardening posts below:

Taking Stock of the Garden now that Spring has Arrived A review of the garden at the beginning of the season

Plans for the Garden This Spring Beginning the preparation of the garden for the coming season

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