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The Little Book of Trite Aphorisms

Well, maybe someone might have noticed my twitter feed down there on the right. There are a few mentions of Wisdom of the Undressed and The Little Book of Trite Aphorisms, so I thought I would explain what it’s all about.

I’m a relatively new initiate in the Twittersphere, and I’ve noticed quite a few followers whose biography has a link to some sort of porn website. This was going on for a couple of months, basically since I joined. Now, I have to say that this bothers me. I’m not particularly prudish in myself but I kinda don’t want spammers following me. I doubt very much that the followers are genuine… I suspect they’re bots which have been automatically programmed to tweet every so often.

The Wisdom of the Undressed

I have noticed that the spammers generally fall into two categories. The first consists of ones who have a porn link in their profile and just try following lots of people but don’t tweet anything. The second category have the same porn links in their profile, follow lots of people and tweet pseudo-philosophical nonsense. I’m completely baffled by these posts. They range in content from attempts at advice, via trite clich├ęs to meaningless nonsense. The only reason I can think for these posts is that the spammers think they give the tweeter some sort of depth or intelligence. Quite frankly it doesn’t work.

For the first couple of weeks, I just blocked the spammers. Then I blocked them and reported them as spam. I don’t think it’s ever going to stop, but at least I feel like I’m doing my bit to keep some of the accounts offline. Then I decided that there might be some sort of comedy value in some of these tweets, so I decided to take screenshots of the posts on my phone and upload them to tumblr under a blog entitled The Little Book of Trite Aphorisms. One of my favourite posts is included over on the left there… I decided to use tumblr for a blog, rather than another wordpress site, as it seems a little more basic and the medium works well for my needs. I also wanted to keep it separate from my main blog here, which is for a more varied collection of posts. The only major gripe that I have is that I can’t see how many hits I’ve had on tumblr and no-one is posting any notes or comments just yet, so I have no clue to the levels of traffic.

Well, I hope you drop by and have a look at The little Book of Trite Aphorisms and enjoy what’s there. At the time of writing this blog, I only have twelve “Gurus” spouting forth their wise words. I have no doubt that the number will gradually increase. If you have a chance to browse over there, I’d love to hear some feedback – you can post a comment either here or on one of the tumblr posts over there.